Imagine controlling the lighting scene with one button…. Imagine lighting that adjusts flawlessly as the daylight disappears…. Imagine a system perfectly sized for a private residence or a large hotel complex….

Designed and manufactured in the UK, ZICO by Anytronics is specified and highly regarded by lighting specialists in the film industry, theatres and cinemas, where impeccable lighting is paramount to success. With a scalable system to suit the size and needs of any location, low commissioning costs and a choice of beautiful finishes to match the interior design, it is an ideal dimming system for:

hospitality, home, commercial, retail and self-build projects.


  • Excellent performance with flawless dimming, recognised by industry professionals
  • Easy electrical installation that can be performed by any qualified engineer
  • Setting the lighting levels and controls can be easily achieved by hotel maintenance department or property owner with no need for commissioning engineer costs
  • Hassle-free project planning with set up completed by the electrical contractor or the property owner
  • Fully digital set up, designed for quick and easy updates
  • Scalable solution with the Control Centre, controlling up to 512 circuits and up to 512 pre-set scenes with built in 4/8 circuits of Dali and /or 0/1 to 10V control
  • Works with all DMX devices
  • Option for movement detector and/ or dark sensor for added lighting automation
  • Selection of slider or pre-set control panels 
  • Fully compatible with most momentary switches from designer brands, including Corston, Forbes and Lomax, etc. 
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • Dedicated support team to guide through installation and after-care
Ready to discover the best kept secret in the lighting industry? 

You'll never look back...