The best possible
LED filament lamps.

The World of Zico Lighting

Zico Lighting is a premium lighting manufacturer with a mission to create exceptional LED filament lamps that are environmentally friendly. Founded by a desire to offer the best possible LED filament lamps available and using the most up to date innovative components the Zico Lighting brand was created.

We work with interior designers, lighting designers and lighting manufacturers who traditionally specified tungsten and halogen lamps for their client projects to create practical yet beautiful lamps. The need to offer an LED low energy solution that retained an aesthetically classical appearance was a challenge. LED lamps were ugly, used plastic necks to hide electronics, had poor dimming and a white clinical light output that was not acceptable. The LED filament technology emerged, the much needed warmth available from new LED chips were available to provide an ambience similar to natural candlelight and we developed a new technology to smoothly dim the lamp. We seized the opportunity to quickly develop the market and provide a solution for our partners; welcome to the world of Zico Lighting.

Premium Quality

With a high CRI the Zico Lighting range offers superior light quality, the smoothest dimming and a 3 year warranty; under pinning the reliability of the technology used in these innovative lamps.

The Bloomsbury Hotel

The Mandarin Oriental


Claridge's Mayfair

Zico's latest range of LED filament lamp technology provides excellent performance on mains dimmed circuits.

Alan Hayllar
Mode Lighting & Controls

The new Zico range of filament lamps have the smoothest dimming down to 1%. Nothing else compares.

Martin Brudnizki
Design Studio

High CRI, 3 year warranty, 30,000 life hours, best dimming.

Dave Patis
CEF, West End Branch
Thursday, August 31, 2017

One of the few companies to bridge the knowledge gap with LED and dimming; highly recommended.

Steve Howard
Property Manager, Le Pain Quotidien
Thursday, August 31, 2017