Working in partnership with an established London lamp fitting company, we are delighted to offer our clients the service of designing, manufacturing and restoring chandeliers, pendants, wall lights, lanterns, table lamps and other unique light fittings to their former glory, whilst also bringing them up to the current lighting standards.

Passionate about craft, the highly skilled team create a wide variety of designs, from vintage opulence to modern chic, perfectly suited for hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces or private homes.

Whether a family heirloom or a hotel with fittings to restore, the team are able to facilitate work from re-wiring a small desk lamp to the complete restoration of large antique chandeliers.

For a friendly, knowledgeable and personal service and for more information please do contact us.

When you are working with antique lighting, getting perfect result can be tricky.
Let us help you combine new technology with the chic of old.