As with any artistic venue, drama, creativity and originality on stage should be matched and reflected in interior and lighting design, creating the right ambiance from the moment guest walks through the doors. 

The entrance to the Bridge Theatre boasts a spectacular lighting feature, supported by Zico by Anytronics dimming and controls system (as is the rest of the communal areas of the theatre). Working alongside the mechanical and electrical contractors from the early design stages of the project the dimming team were able to plan and bring to life the lighting centerpiece that consists of 288 lamps. Grouped in clusters of 3 over 96 channels of dimming, each cluster can be dimmed separately making it easy to shift the focus across the room. 

Using the designers’, contractors’ and the customer’s input, Anytronics later successfully commissioned the system, creating a number of scenes to provide a dramatic lighting effect when entering the theatre, that can also be seen from the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.

Photography by Mark Petersen.