Bluetooth speaker without cover
Bluetooth speaker with cover

fantastic sound quality in any room

Meet the new generation of speakers and enjoy listening to music from your devise with the excellent sound quality.  

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker is an all-in-one solution for playing music directly from your device – in homes, hotel rooms, coffee shops, hair salons & spas. Easy to install, the speaker offers fantastic sound quality without the need for cables in your walls and has a 50w built-in amplifier. Its small size and discreet appearance would blend in with any décor and work in the smallest of spaces.

Just connect the power via your lighting circuit, or simply plug into a plug socket if you prefer, then pair your tablet, smartphone or Amazon Echo and you are ready to enjoy the quality sounds of your choice.

A waterproof version is also available for bathrooms.

Zico Lighting is the official distributor for Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker. For more information please contact us.

White speakers in bathroom
Invisible speakers in ceiling of a kitchen at home
Waterproof speakers in a home bathroom

Power it. Sync it. Play it

All-in-one Bluetooth 5 Ceiling Speakers promise perfectly uninterrupted low latency audio projection, giving you complete sound coverage for your room.

Mobile phone connecting to a speaker via bluetooth