Lighting Design Service

by Fourth Dimension Lighting


At Zico we know that lighting can ‘make or break’ any room. Carefully thought through lighting design can provide a spectacular showpiece to wow your guests, draw attention to the unique features or create a homely comfort for a restful break.

We have partnered with Fourth Dimension Lighting – a niche lighting design practice specialising in residential, boutique and hotel projects – to offer a personal lighting service design with award winning talent.

Comprising Nicholas Engert and associated designer Melissa Stears, Fourth Dimension believe that for the best results engaging closely with the client to understand their needs and requirements is crucial.

Whether you are looking to complement your home interior or re-design lighting in a larger property, get in touch to see how we can help.


Malvern College Chapel


Cubbit Lodge


199 Knightsbridge


Salon de Parfums, Harrods

Nicholas Engert

Nicholas Engert has 30 years experience within the interior and lighting design sector and now focuses his energy on lighting design. A devotee of halogen lighting when it first made an appearance in the 1980s, he believed that buildings required creative lighting if spaces were to come alive. With the introduction of LED technology and the subsequent improvements and innovation within this technology, this market sector has been revolutionised and the possibilities within lighting design have expanded and continue to do so. New products, services and the improvement in light quality allow designers to achieve beautiful and creative experiences bringing life to buildings enhancing our lives.

Melissa Stears

Melissa Stears opted to specialise in lighting design soon after graduating from architecture and urban design. Her interest in the built environment and how light forms and transforms our relationship with the environment is why she decided to specialise in this facet of architecture. Finding the perfect balance of the science behind light and the aesthetics of the visual environment is what sparked her interest in working in this medium and she strives to achieve this balance on every project.